Friday Favorites

Hello again! I’m pleasantly surprised to say that this has been a lovely morning for the Irvin family. This is of course greatly influenced by the fact that we have really gorgeous weather today (high of 75, breezes, sunshine, and a great opportunity to open the windows!), which makes all days more pleasant. We were up extra early because a friend is kindly installing a few things for us (including a new kitchen sink.. YES! A much needed improvement.) and so it has been a productive morning already, and it’s not yet noon.




So, since I’ve gotten my morning sunshine in, went for a walk and played at the park with my babe, and also picked up our organic produce for the week… My mind gives itself permission to do something a bit more creative other than humdrum everyday planning sorts of endeavors. Friday Favorites is the brainchild of that left over energy. I am going to try to consistently update you on some of our family’s favorite, and mainly crunchy, things (if you aren’t familiar with that term, it’s a fun way of describing things and people who care about nature, don’t mind trying new things to live more sustainably, and are all-around health and planet conscious each day) that we’ve discovered, created, or tried that week, each Friday. A few of these things may just be interesting or fun things that we’ve done or found, but not necessarily crunchy. I’m not promising much, I’m terrible with being really consistent, but it’s worth a shot. Weekly postings are always fun anyhow. :-)

This Week’s Fun Favorites:


1) Kombucha: I’ve been making this fizzy, delicious beverage for about three or four months now. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a fermented tea drink that contains probiotics that do all sorts of good for the body. Health food stores will charge you exactly an arm and two legs for it, but you can make it yourself much, much more cheaply. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for taking that project on because it can definitely be a bit intimidating to start it out. It was for me! You have to have a SCOBY, which I first purchased from Amazon, but then when that failed & grew some mold on it… well, I had to bid it farewell and start afresh. The new SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) that I was able to ask a friend to ship me, has turned out very robust & awesome indeed! The latest brew I made featured pureed organic apple as the flavoring–and I like it. Mmm. If you want to learn more about ‘Booch, you can visit a few of my fave resource sites to help you on your journey. It’s fun and a little adventurous to try, and the there are a host of benefits of brewing your own.

Food Renegade

The Kitchn (with perfect, pretty photos too)

Wellness Mama (an all time favorite blogger of mine)

2) Nutritional Yeast: Or lovingly called ” ‘Nooch,” is an awesome supplement to any diet, and many dishes. What is it? It’s a cheesy-flavored micro-organism that contains lots of things that your body can benefit from. A complete protein, packed with minerals and B Vitamins, this stuff rocks. I often will put it on my scrambled eggs at the very end as a topping. We recently found out that it’s very good on things like scalloped potatoes and other stirfried veggies. Try it on lots of things, you might like the flavor it adds.

Here’s a helpful post about it.

3) Foogo Stainless Steel Straw Sippy: Isn’t this cute? We decided it was time to get a different cup for August, and so after much research and looking around on Amazon, this is what we chose. Stainless steel doesn’t contain a lot of those nasty chemicals and residues that many plastic products use, and so it met our requirement on that level. Our runner-up was the Lifefactory glass bottles, because glass is always great to use, but for us it was still just a little too freaky to think about our son toting a glass bottle around (and slamming it onto the floor as he is wont to do in a fit of happiness). August was super excited about this new little cup, and is so very adorable to watch as he drinks from it. *Sigh* : )

4) Organic, Raw Honey: Our family loves this stuff. Well, Troy & I do. August isn’t having any quite yet. But seriously, once you go raw with honey… you will NEVER go back! The stuff is so sweet and delicious, full of different kind of flavors. It’s also awesome as a healing agent in many instances–you can use it on a pimple on your face, you can make a scrub out of it… the options are endless. The reason for raw instead of pasteurized, also, is that raw honey contains many live enzymes and vitamins that would be destroyed with high heat that normal pasteurized honey is processed with. We want all of those goodies to help us stay in good health! We have it on Ezekiel Bread mostly, but it’s also good in tea and coffee too. During cold and flu season, I make a Korean Lemon & Honey tea with the stuff, and it’s what we swear by to help our throats and respiratory systems heal up faster.

5) Old Fashioned Family Time: This week, our family has been able to relax more, think more clearly, and enjoy some time together without worries we have been thinking about and processing lately. Having those things resolved, we can enjoy ourselves and one another’s company more! This week has been full of giggles and fun, sitting out on the lawn in the sunshine, and BBQing too. We have truly soaked up one another’s company more than usual and I love it. We also went to an ice cream place down the street, and took a trip to a nearby farm (see this post), which made for some absolute enjoyment. Simple little treasures & memories that we will always have. So many firsts for August! Not all weeks and days can be this way, but it helps you to cherish it when they do happen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Friday Favorites. What are some of your family’s favorites lately? I love to hear!
All my love,


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