E-Waste? Recyclable?

In a time when we’re beginning to think more about our choices as consumers, it’s good to ask ourselves if we can recycle whatever we’re about to pitch in the can.  While many things are recyclable or have been created to be more consciously minded, I always wonder what we could create with other forms of waste.  Like food.
NPR just aired a segment about some energy drinks that may surprise you– It’s pretty interesting, and shocked me as well!  Check it out for a quick read or listen.

Another startling question:  What about that newfangled contraption you will probably replace by next year…?  Yes, I’m talking about your beloved iPod, Macbook, or other “i-thing.”  What happens to those things when we move on to the next techie craze?  Another NPR story showcases the truth behind America’s horrible consumer habits.  We don’t think, we just dump.  What’s more, a lot of places that tell you they are recycling your e-waste are simply shipping it off to foreign countries!  Oh my…
If you want to know what’s going on,  you should definitely listen to this story “After Dump, What Happens to Electronic Waste?

If you’re interested in becoming more educated about how these cool new gadgets impact the world in a large way, another story, by Treehugger.com is about how the e-waste problem is impacting China.

After reading and listening to these stories…I was saddened, surprised, and thinking about what a solution could be.  It’s not a cut-and-dry issue.  But something I know for sure?  I’m going to think twice about where I put my old phone the next time my service provider offers a free upgrade.. or what’s better, I may not get an upgraded phone at all and continue to use my “untrendy reliable flip phone.”  Maybe part of the solution to the e-waste issue (which is threatening the lives and health of millions) would include becoming more content with less.  Why do we think we have to buy a new gadget?  Because it’s the latest, the hottest, the coolest new thing.  Not because we need it.