Love 146

Today Is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day:

My heart is full to write for stories of passion.  Sadly, they are not always tales of inspiration.  I am a steadfast believer that if we want to change anything in this world, we must subject ourselves to some things that are not so pretty.  Not really a slice of “American” pie.  I think that we have to see and learn about some things that tear at our guts…wrench our insides, slap us with their brutality… because we must realize that this world is not a glamorous place.  For many, it is the scariest place.  For many, their life and freedom has been taken violently and that is a reflection of how they see this world.

This is a dirty place that we inhabit, filled with the rotting of humankind left to their ways.  We can hardly be distinguished from the mire.  But there is a Great Hope.  His name is Jesus.  We are those who are dirty, desperately needing rescue yet denying our deep need with a haughty pride.  The picture above is from the website, and I just read one of those dirty stories.. the horrifyingly true ones that we turn our eyes from.  While it is painful and leaves you feeling hurt and hopeless inside, education is the only way to create change in a real way.  If we don’t know about the atrocities going on in far-off places, how will we do anything to stop them?  If we don’t acknowledge that there is still child slavery, even in our own destitute regions, how will our mind be awakened to a solution?

We have to act.  With intentionality, with justice, and with foresight.  Don’t ignore what you aren’t directly experiencing… be a voice and understand that the plight of these people–these children–is all too real.

Please read, if you have a moment: