Friendship healing.

This heaven-sent weather has been humbling.

God has assured me, as He graciously does every year (like a parent does for a small child, who needs the reassurance) that Spring will yet again come to greet me.  The long winter was certainly difficult for me to endure.  This beautiful day makes me look up at the sky, with wide-eyed wonder and childlike amazement,  just sighing with contentment and joy.  I feel so tiny in the gigantic scheme of creation, yet important enough to know that my Father sent me a beautiful day that brings peace and tranquility to my heart.  As someone who truly is affected by the swings and sways of the seasons, I can tell you I’m overjoyed at breezes and sunshine.  Today I was able to go on a walk with one of my best friends.  Somehow, we always connect on the most deep levels, without even trying.  We’ve made time for each other in our lives, but God did most of the work.  She spoke words of healing to me, which sunk in deeply… penetrating who I am, and my perceptions of Me.

Let me tell you some things about her.  She and I are totally different.  We share many interests and likes, but the similarities stop there.  Our personalities are about as different as they come: she is more reserved and very quiet around people she doesn’t know.. I often blurt things out and laugh loudly.  We met as roommates, two new transfers to our college.  When I first met her, I wondered what God was doing?!  “This isn’t the kind of friend I always have!  She’s nothing like me!  She doesn’t talk!  She must not like me…”   Little did I know, she was pretty much thinking, “This girl talks so much!”  Haha.

Over the months, and now years, Sam has brought me so much joy, so much insight through who she is, and comfort. We’ve laughed–almost to the point of peeing our pants… We’ve also cried.  We took a road trip.  We’ve been crazy together.  We do a lot of things that just make life worth living.  She has given me faith in friendship–she has been there for me.  Most of all, lately, I see how her friendship has brought me a deep healing, something that only God can start in motion, and something He continues to support.  Healing through things I never thought I’d be able to overcome, Healing for things that I had long given up on.  She has come to my rescue more times than I can count, being a sister to me and loving me even in failures.  In our friendship, it’s been a constant “in-my-face” revelation of how our differences are beautiful; how I could never have picked this friend for myself, No–only God knew that I would need her so much in my life.  Her friendship brings freedom, and it brings acceptance to my soul.

This time of life has not been easy for me.  I have dealt with stress and anxiety issues (mostly physical ones that you can feel all over your body) since I was about 12.  It has been crippling.  It has debilitated me in many instances.  In some places of my life, I felt I was losing everything, and losing myself because of it.  I am telling this story because I hope someone can benefit from it.  So many people have reached out to me through my issues and problems; but I am especially thankful for Sam & her family.  Her mom is a Psychologist, and has helped me immensely through her love & expertise.  She uses a technique called Neurofeedback, which is, essentially a “training session” for your brain.  Well, it appears that my brain has been wired the wrong way, something is haywire, and my stress response is always in “fight or flight” mode.  It can affect my life . It has made some days a living hell.  All-in-all, with Neuro, I’m seeing results.  Real ones.  Progress.  Though it’s a road paved with ups and downs, just day-to-day struggles with it, panic & anxiety can be overcome by God’s grace.  If you have issues with these things, think of training your brain–it has done amazing things.  So it is through this healing friendship, and the non “coincidence” that we came to be roommates, that God has given me tools to change the course of my future, dealing with these problems.  I know that my God is an Awesome one, and that He’s leading me to recovery.  It’s a beautiful thing, and I know it’s just the beginning.

Us: The 7 Month Edition.

Well, well!  We have happily been married for seven months, this past Wednesday.
Though you may not realize it, seven months of marriage is a delightful place to find oneself.  And, seven is one of my favorite numbers for some reason.  I like it.  I also like the number two because we have pairs of things, like two hands, two feet… Ok.  I’m getting off subject.

I’d like to take a little journey through our meeting, dating, engagement, wedding & beyond.  As a little celebration.  Since it is my personal blog.  I’m thankful for this man I’ve married, though at times perplexed by him.  That’s part of the fun: God’s made him so entirely different from me, I have to spend time figuring out how he’s wired, and thank goodness we’ve got complimentary personalities!

Starting place: Cornerstone, meeting up, falling in love.  (Get ready for warm & fuzzies)

His arm is around my shoulders, we are casual and happy.
The Story:  I’m sure he said something that made us both laugh, as is usually the case.  Also, this summer at Cornerstone (see website if you’d like) was extremely hot.  We are both tanned and sweaty.  Nice way to meet!  We had just met a few days before this photo was taken, but for both of us it was pretty much instant love.  We had gotten to know one another via a Christian internet site, chatted and talked on the phone, and today we still feel that this techno-dating helped to weed out those annoying and awkward things that usually occur.  We were able to get rid of “unmatched intentions” or differing dating ideals issues that may crop up by just being straightforward about what we were looking for.  From day one, we knew we’d marry each other.

The Story: Fast forward. At this point, we’ve been dating happily for over a year.  We went to the city often, but had never gone to a baseball game, so we had to do it!  This picture was taken at our first baseball game, and the home team won!  It was a perfect date, and I’ll always remember it.  With fireworks going off all around and the team going crazy for the win, I could see myself with Troy for a lifetime, cheering for any reason.  I knew that I loved him, and it the future was exciting to us.


The Story: This was taken at Stone Hill winery, where he took me for my 21st birthday.  We enjoyed some of the BEST German food at the restaurant there.  I excused myself for a minute to use the bathroom, and when I came back he was sitting there with a big slice of pie placed at my spot, smiling.  It was chocolate pecan pie, AMAZING, and it had a candle in it too.  He sure knows how to make me feel special. One of my favorite memories.

The Story: That same year, we also went to Pere Marquette to hike.  The beauty of the scenery and the weather were astounding for fall!  We had really gotten a wonderful day to explore.  Then, at the peak of our climbing journey, on the top of a very high crest, we found a stairway to heaven.  Well, to a very nice lookout point.  Then we rested and ate a little lunch of pb&j’s, and he carved T+M=<3 into the wooden steps with his leatherman.  So romantic.  : )

Oh I do enjoy remembering these fun times we’ve had.


Here’s a another pic from the same day, a gorgeous view of the path we hiked together.  With its steep hilly inclines, it certainly is a good workout for your glutes and quads.  It was all worth it, through the pain of the climb, to see the sights at the top!  I love the way it looks a little fairtale-esque, because it’s winding this way and that.  :)

(Engagement Photos taken by our friend, Alyssa Marshall.  Go visit her!)

The Story: Engaged!
Troy asked me to be his wife on March 27, 2010.   Oh what an amazing day it was!  I had so many butterflies after the fact, and thought about how crazy it would be to be his wife–how happy I would be to share every part of our lives together.  He proposed at The City Garden, one of our favorite places to enjoy the artsy scenery & take a nice little stroll.  When he got down on one knee, I started to tear up.  I’m convinced I was the happiest woman in the world in that moment.
The next few hours were a blur–calling, texting, facebooking, contacting every person who we cared about.  We were telling the world about the soon-to-be US!  It was blissful, and I savored every second.  We’d been discussing what we liked as far as weddings go, and so it wasn’t difficult to  plan and prepare our wedding (with very much help from friends & family alike) in just under 3 months.  :)  You CAN do it, no matter what they tell you if you know what you want!


The Story: We got Married–and love it!
Though it was a short engagement, it still felt like the arrival of our wedding date was inching towards us at the pace only a tortoise could relate to.  When THE BIG DAY arrived, I felt filled to the brim with excitement, a few nerves, and knew that it was really happening.  My dream–finding an awesome Godly man who loves me, to spend my life with, have a few kids, and adventure with, came true.  In truth, our wedding day was one of the most tiring days of my life, and by the end I was about to drop.  But.. it was still like a fairytale dream!  I love every memory from it, and am so happy to be on this real life adventure with Mr. Right.

Thanks for hanging in this long (if you indeed are still along for the ride).  If you can’t tell, I’m quite a sentimental gal & love to share these parts of life.