Three Months.

here I am at three months with you. The sun was setting, the magic hour was here, and I asked your dad to go on an adventure with me… to make some memories lest we forget. Lest I forget how small my tummy once was, since you’ve got so much growing still to do! You’re only about as big as my thumb, but you’ve already shaped my life. Yesterday I got to hear your heart. Beating, beating. It was faster than I thought it should be, but hearing that sound of life made my heart skip. My eyes got tears. Your grandpa’s eyes teared up too. It doesn’t feel real, and yet you are. We wonder when I will start to feel your little arms and legs moving? Sometimes I feel like I already do, and your dad thinks its possible. I can’t wait to get to know you. You’re already so beautiful to us.

Each day is a new journey, a new travelling experience through this life. The other day I was so sick I thought I would never feel like myself again, and then yesterday I had so much more energy! It was a blessing. So.. I reorganized some things in the kitchen, made myself eat a lot, and took advantage of the possibly second-trimester-wind I was getting. Today I’m a little less enthusiastic, but it’s been a great Saturday. We got up early, and started on productive things. I took stock of some early Christmas presents we’d gotten, to check and see who else we need to buy for. That made me giddy, thinking of the holidays. They are exciting to me this year, especially with a little one who will be moving around by Thanksgiving! Maybe at Christmas everyone will be able to feel it! Wow. Anyhow, I loved our photoshoot tonight. Troy’s the best photographer, and I like being his model. Whew. Sorry my blogging has lagged, but as you see, things have been all over the place! This miracle has me in awe, in tears, and in laughing fits. I have doubted myself, questioned all of the advice that I’m getting (I’ve also been reading a fair share of do’s and don’ts… whew) and it can definitely be overwhelming. Reassuring me is God’s ever constant promise: I will never leave you, nor forsake you. The fact that He knows this little one by name. His love for me. God is good. More soon.

<3 M